Solar PV

Solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) systems use the sun's energy to produce electricity. Solar PV reduces your electricity bills and offers you better security of energy supply into the future but also CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.Your system will reduce the demand on existing fossil fuel power plants, thereby reducing pollutants and CO2 emissions responsible for global-warming.

Recently Solar PV has become more financially attractive and in many countries is becoming a very popular home upgrade. The Solar PV modules we use are eligible for the ACA (Accelerated Capital Allowance) tax incentives which are available to businesses who install the systems.If you are building a new home, the PV system will satisfy your obligation under the planning regulation to ensure that at least the minimum required proportion of your energy needs are met by a renewable energy source.

The panels we use have a very quick energy payback time (as short as one year). This means that the amount of energy used to produce each panel, is recouped by the panels electricity production in approximately one year. As your power is produced ‘on site’ you do not lose up to 60% of the power due to transformer and transmission losses, which is the case with power from the grid.

Your solar electric system will still produce electricity with direct or diffused sunlight. Meaning on cloudy days you will still be generating electricity though not as much as you would on a sunny day.

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