Solar Thermal

Solar thermal water heating is one of the most cost effective renewable energy systems. Solar Panels collect sunlight that in turn heats up fluid carried in pipes underneath a glass surface. These tubes or panels carry the heated liquid into your hot water cylinder through an element that then heats up the water in your cylinder. All solar systems require a solar heating cylinder which has a twin or triple coil for transferring the energy to the water in the cylinder or thermal store. This will replace your old cylinder and work alongside your normal boiler. The solar panels heat the solar cylinder from the bottom up. Your solar heating system is rarely independent, and can connect to your other heating systems and boilers.

For Solar heating systems it is difficult to give an exact figure as all houses vary. Often with heating and hot water systems the efficiency of the house can be a factor itself. Generally you can expect a payback of between 5 and 8 years when you consider inflation due to rising fuel costs, all from a solar heating system that should last 25 years. Also worth considering is the additional value a solar system can add if you're considering selling your house, as it can make it more saleable, and with the Dimplex Solar system can significantly increase your homes energy rating.

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