Swimming Pool Heating

Heat pumps are the ideal solution for swimming pool heating, providing an economic and energy efficient means of delivering a constant pool water temperature throughout the year. Air source heat pumps are particularly suitable due to their low installation cost and high efficiency at high ambient temperatures during the summer the most frequent time of swimming pool use!


Dimplex LAS MT and LAS TT air source heat pumps provide an energy efficient and cost effective way of providing swimming pool heating throughout the year, irrespective of the weather conditions. Purpose designed for swimming pool use and incorporating a titanium heat exchanger which allows the heat pump to be used with varying levels of water quality, the range is available in outputs from 10-22kW. The heat pump is installed outdoors and integrated into the swimming pool filter circuit. A single heat pump setting ensures the required swimming pool water temperature is constantly maintained.

Range features

  • Outdoor installation
  • Nominal heating capacities of 10kW, 15kW and 22kW
  • Variable heating water flow temperatures up to 40C
  • Titanium heat exchanger ensuring safe operation with variable water qualities, including salt water
  • Integrated automatic defrost cycle, allowing operation at temperatures as low as 10C

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