Health and Safety

Geothermal solar is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees both on and off site. The company recognises that accidents and work related health problems cause suffering and financial loss to individuals, families and the company.

Geothermal Solar welcomes the downward trend in construction-related injuries in related years, but is aware that this can be attributed in part to the slowdown in the construction sector. Thus it is incumbent upon site managers and operatives to remain at all times aware of the risks associated with any given activity.

The Company's goal is to attain the highest standards of health and safety by the following actions :

  • Ensuring applicable legal requirements are identified and adopted as the minimum acceptable performance levels
  • Defining the responsibilities and authorities for managers with particular responsibility for safety and health performance
  • Ensuring that at all levels, training and appropriate information on safety and health is provided so that people are competent and safety-conscious.
  • Planning for safe work and monitoring against the plans
  • Operating a safety management system as part of the MCS Quality Plan and providing the necessary resources to implement the policy
  • Establishing and implementing safety measurement procedures

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