Quality Policy

It is company policy to communicate the requirements of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment policies to all employees. This is achieved by regular induction and training. As part of our commitment to quality and client satisfaction upon which the company's reputation is proudly based, we ensure that all activities carried out by Geothermal Solar conform to the highest standards. The company undertakes to observe regulatory requirements along with regional and international standards, and furthermore to continuously review, measure and assess company performance.

Geothermal Solar

Longston Lodge, Kilgowan, Kilcullen,
Co. Kildare, Ireland.

UK Office: Studio 204,
Shakespeare Business Centre,
245a Coldharbour Lane,
SW9 8RR, London, UK.

Irl: +353 (0)45 485 913
UK: +44 (0) 1489 854 767
Email: info@geothermal-solar.ie

Geothermal Solar is a trading name of Vaughan Enterprises Ltd.

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