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We at Geothermal Solar have been suppliers and installers of renewable heating technologies since 1999. Since then our business has gone from strength to strength with over 12 thermal megawatts of installations and a portfolio that includes A1-rated homes, healthcare facilities, leisure amenities and big-box retail.

Geothermal Solar boasts a broad portfolio ranging from domestic work to historically-sensitive retrofits to public buildings. Our inventive approach to system design helps to achieve very high Coefficients of Performance (COP) and make substantial cost and energy savings for our clients.

While we have developed a strong presence in the commercial market, we have also taken care to maintain our core business in the domestic and residential sphere. We have installed over 1000 renewable domestic heating systems, saving thousands of tonnes of CO2, helping to cut energy bills and protecting our customers from fluctuating fuel prices. In fact Geothermal Solar was the first Irish installer to provide renewable heating systems that did not require a fossil-fuel based backup system, allowing households to become completely free of their dependency on oil and gas.

Geothermal Solar are one of the largest distributors and installers of Dimplex renewable technologies in both Ireland and Britain. We deal exclusively with Dimplex, whose reputation for quality and innovation is recognised worldwide. Working closely with their technical departments in Dublin and Kulmbach, Germany, we constantly seek to combine emerging renewable technologies in new and creative ways.

Geothermal Solar can provide renewable and cost-effective alternatives to oil and gas for a huge variety of applications. Whether for space heating, domestic hot water or even swimming pools and jacuzzis, our expertise and range of solutions offer a modern, sophisticated and fully-programmable 'set-and-forget' alternative to fossil fuels.

With offices in Kildare and south London, we work extensively throughout Ireland and the UK to provide a comprehensive and client-oriented service. Please contact us for more information.

Geothermal Solar

Longston Lodge, Kilgowan, Kilcullen,
Co. Kildare, Ireland.

UK Office: Studio 204,
Shakespeare Business Centre,
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Irl: +353 (0)45 485 913
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Email: info@geothermal-solar.ie

Geothermal Solar is a trading name of Vaughan Enterprises Ltd.

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